Valuable Insights from Your Local Scarborough Dental Hygienist

When you select a local dental office, you are not just choosing a dentist; you are also picking out a dental hygienist in Scarborough. You and your hygienist have a special relationship. Hygienists keep your teeth clean and educate you on proper oral health. Therefore, picking a hygienist is critical to ensure the best smile and enjoy overall wellness. A dentist in her clinic

Qualities to Look for in Dental Hygienists in Scarborough, Toronto

A well-rounded dental office has a friendly family dentist and a helpful, professional hygienist. When looking at your options, consider the following qualities in a hygienist:

  • Patience: Dental work can make some patients uneasy. Therefore, you want a dental hygienist that is patient with your fears, understands what you are experiencing, and is there to help you through it. They should have the patience to make you feel comfortable – even if that means a few more minutes in their schedule to get started.
  • Detail-Oriented: A good Toronto dental hygienist is detail-oriented. Your mouth is full of small spaces and crevices, so your hygienist must pay attention to every detail inside your mouth, seeking out the little hiding spots for plaque and tartar. If you have sensitive teeth, a hygienist who takes his or her time will prevent any discomfort during your cleaning.
  • Passion: Your dental hygienists in Toronto should be enthusiastic about helping you maintain your oral health. They are there to teach you how to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and your teeth white.
  • Endurance: Dental hygienists stand on their feet throughout the day, and conduct numerous repetitive motions. Therefore, you want one that has the physical stamina to continue delivering superior dental care, regardless of how long their shift might be. Mental endurance is equally important because your hygienist is required to multi-task and applies decision-making skills throughout the day at work.
  • Knowledge: The more your hygienist knows, the better for your mouth. A hygienist with a thorough understanding of dental sciences, including the latest technology, is necessary. Also, you want a hygienist with superior clinical dexterity and countless hours of experience.
  • Communication: Talk to your hygienists and get a feel for their communication skills. Are they positive and uplifting? Do they convey information clearly? Excellent communication is vital, in particular with a person who is there to educate you about taking care of your teeth and the dental health of your family.

A Dentist Explaining a Report to Her Patient If you are on the lookout for a new Toronto dental hygienist, the team at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry can help. We have a full team of qualified hygienists, including our director Kelvin and hygienists Brigette, Paddy, Emily, and Tanese. Our hygienists speak various languages and we welcome new patients. When you want a dental office that takes your oral health seriously, it is imperative that you consider not only the dentist but the staff as well – including, the dental hygienist. Schedule your annual cleaning with a dental hygienist in Scarborough, Toronto at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry. Call our office now at 416-287-2426.

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