Tooth Fillings—Stop the Pain! Get Your Teeth Back to Normal

A cavity can cause serious discomfort. Not only will it hurt to chew or even drink items you love, but you could suffer from throbbing pain, infection, or worse. Fillings are one way to restore your damaged teeth. Also, by closing off the exposed area, you can stop bacteria from entering the tooth and causing further decay, or attack the roots.


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What Types of Fillings Are There?

Your Scarborough dentist can go over the types of fillings and see which is right for your decayed tooth. Some people are allergic to certain filling materials and also, each filling type varies in cost. The four common types of filings used are:
•    Gold – These can last up to 20 years and are well tolerated by the gums. They are fairly expensive and may require multiple visits.
•    Amalgam (Silver) – These are inexpensive and resistant to wear and tear. However, they are more noticeable and are best if your fillings are in teeth that you cannot easily see.
•    Composite (Plastic) – These are made to match your existing teeth and the ingredients are mixed in the dentists’ office. The composite material is durable, but not ideal for larger fillings, because it is known for chipping and wearing down over time. Also, because they are a composite, they are prone to stains from tobacco, tea, and coffee.
•    Porcelain – These inlays or onlays are produced in a laboratory then bonded to your teeth like gold fillings. They do match your teeth and are as expensive as gold.

What Happens at a Filling Appointment?

Your dentist will schedule your fillings in a separate appointment from your checkup. Expect to be at the office as long as one hour, depending on the severity of the fillings and how many are being done. Typically, your Scarborough dentists can fill multiple fillings (if needed) during the same appointment.

The process for a filling includes:
•    Numbing the area around the tooth
•    Drilling into the tooth to remove the decay
•    Testing and inspecting the area to ensure all decay has been removed, then cleaning the space to remove any bacteria
•    Lining the root (if exposed) to protect the nerve
•    Filling the tooth in layers then curing and hardening the filling

Will Insurance Cover My Fillings?

Every dental insurance plan is different. Most insurance plans will cover at least a portion of your filling, but the amount may vary. It is best to ask your dentist for an estimate. Some insurance plans will only cover silver fillings and composite, porcelain or gold are paid out-of-pocket.
Fillings are necessary to protect your decayed teeth from deteriorating further. They prevent bacteria from infecting your roots and can allow you to return to normal eating and drinking without pain.


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