Tips to Improve Your Child’s Oral Health Habits


child's oral healthMost parents will tell you that getting their children to brush their teeth twice a day is an ongoing battle, and they don’t always win. It can be challenging and tiring to convince your child that their dental health should be a priority each day. Making dental health fun can help keep your children engaged and committed to keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Need support on the oral hygiene maintenance routine for your kids? The dental professionals at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry are trained pediatric dentists that can help your child feel comfortable, confident and informed about why their teeth matter. Starting them with regular dental checkups and cleanings will help them understand the important role teeth play in their overall health and ensure they continue to visit the dentist as they get older.


3 Ways to Improve Your Kids’ Oral Hygiene Habits


  1. From long-term dental health to short-term brushing, prioritizing your child’s dental health is an admirable goal. If you need a little inspiration to make brushing and flossing more appealing to your little ones, consider these three simple tips:
  2. Gamify it: Do you find that your child is simply not motivated to brush each night? If they are finding ways to avoid brushing their teeth, consider making the routine just as much fun as a game. A calendar or chart can keep track of how many times your child brushes their teeth, and you could offer a small reward or incentive for consistency. An extra bedtime story after a week of brushing can help them see the immediate benefits of brushing each day if they can’t quite grasp the long-term rewards.
  3. Team effort: If your child is still resistant to the idea of keeping up with their oral hygiene, consider making brushing and flossing a family affair. If everyone is cleaning their teeth together, it can help your child feel like they are part of the fun. There’s a reason they say that leading by example is a good teaching technique; so try this one out!


child's oral healthContact the team at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry for pediatric dentistry services and to start your child on a lifelong dedication to good oral health and hygiene. We offer specialized services, routine teeth cleaning and a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, to keep the whole family’s teeth healthy and beautiful.




Improve your child’s dental hygiene by bringing them to the pediatric dentists at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry today.


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