Why Your Teeth May be Sensitive to Hot and Cold

It is a hot day and you reach for a cold glass of water. Does sipping the chilled liquid cause a sharp, uncomfortable pain through your mouth? Do you feel the same way when you drink your coffee nice and hot in the morning? If both hot and cold drinks/foods affect your teeth, what does that mean?

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Even if you practice good oral care, you could suffer from tooth sensitivity. The reasons for discomfort with hot and cold items are many. While you may be worried about a cavity, be aware that cavities are not the only cause of sensitivity.

Some of the reasons your teeth may be more sensitive to cold or hot items include:
•    Worn Enamel – Worn away enamel from eating acidic foods or even just grinding your teeth, can lead to temperature sensitivity. Typically in this situation, you will have sensitivity all over the mouth and not just in a single location. Brushing your teeth too hard can expose the dentin tubule leading to sensitivity.
•    Whitening Sensitivity – If you have just whitened your teeth, it is normal to have a brief period of sensitivity. This is because the dentin becomes irritated from the whitening agents. The condition usually only lasts a few days.
•    Receding Gums – If your gums are receding, it can also expose your dentin tubule, which leaves you sensitive to extreme temperatures.
•    Cavity – If the pain is clearly localized and you can easily identify where it comes from, then you may have a cavity.

Tooth Desensitization Can Help

No matter what, your sensitive teeth should be thoroughly examined by a dental professional. A dentist can rule out any underlying causes, such as a cavity, gum disease, etc. Then, you can go through a tooth desensitization treatment. Using a gel or other desensitizing agent, your dentist can help strengthen your tooth enamel and help reduce those painful sensations you experience when consuming something hot or cold.
Are you experiencing a high degree of tooth sensitivity? It may not always mean you have a cavity, but it still means you need to have it checked out.

Book an appointment with our Toronto dentist to see if you are a candidate for tooth desensitization.

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