Snoring and Thumb Sucking Solutions: Custom Night Mouth Guards

A dentist showing a mouthguardMany people cause damage to their teeth and overall health while they sleep without even knowing they are causing problems. Snoring can lead to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and thumb sucking can cause teeth to misalign. A number of individuals also grind their teeth during the night, leading to teeth deterioration and dulling.

Luckily, there’s a single, custom solution to all these issues: a night mouth guard. Specially designed for your unique concerns and mouth, the team at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry can create a night-time mouth guard and thumb sucking appliance that allows you to sleep comfortably while protecting your teeth.

Thumb Sucking Appliances

Thumb sucking provides comfort for many youngsters, but the habit can lead to a disrupted development of the jaw and teeth. Outfit your child with a thumb sucking ‘habit appliance’ to deter them from causing permanent deformation to their jaw bone or requiring extensive orthodontic work later in life.

  • Palatal crib – One option to deter the habit is a permanent metal appliance. It is attached to the upper teeth and limits contact between the fingers and upper gums. Eliminating this contact is often highly effective and can stop the thumb sucking habit in a single day.
  • Removable device – A thumb sucking mouth guard is also a good option. The device is worn at night and covers the upper teeth, limiting contact between the fingers and gums. Teach your child to clean their device when they brush their teeth and help them establish a routine to consistently wear their mouth guard.

Anti-Snoring Appliances

Looking for a snoring prevention appliance that is easy to transport, comfortable to wear to bed, and affordable? Snoring prevention mouth guards can provide relief.

  • How do they work? – These devices adjust the alignment of your jaw so that your airways are opened. This allows the free flow of air, limiting vibrations that cause loud snoring and allowing you to sleep easily.
  • Why bother? – Snoring can disrupt sleep for you and your loved ones. It can also lead to more serious health problems, like heart disease and impotency. Don’t end up in separate bedrooms or dealing with long-term health troubles.

A little girl sucking her thumbIf you suffer from snoring or your little one loves sucking their thumb and fingers, get relief from an appliance. Dr. Cyrus Dentistry can outfit you with a custom snoring mouth guard or thumb sucking appliance. From specialized devices to cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth cleaning, we offer all the dental services you and your family need.


Visit Dr. Cyrus Dentistry today and stop your snoring or thumb sucking with our dental appliances.

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