Protect Your Kids’ Teeth Before the Tooth Fairy Comes


A father teaching his daughter how to brush her teethIt may seem strange to focus on the oral health of your child’s baby teeth. They are just going to fall out anyways, right? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your child’s primary teeth play a critical role in their oral health development. Everything from enamel strength to jaw formation can be impacted by your child’s first set of teeth, and establishing good oral hygiene habits early can save them a lifetime of dental troubles.

Whether your child has particular dental health concerns or you are looking for exciting and easy ways to make oral hygiene fun, the pediatric dentists at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry can provide guidance. Our range of dental services and professional staff make our dental clinic an inviting space for patients of all ages. We are currently accepting new patients and would be happy to care for your child’s teeth.


At-Home Tips to Care for Your Kids’ Teeth


Looking for methods you can use at home to keep your kids’ teeth healthy and limit tooth decay? Get them on the right track for a lifetime of oral health and hygiene habits with these 3 simple tips:

  1. Clean their Mouths: Keep your babies’ mouths clean by using a washcloth to rub their gums, even before baby teeth have emerged. Baby bottles can cause tooth decay, especially if your little one falls asleep while drinking from a bottle or breastfeeding. Try to rinse their mouth out with water before allowing them to drift off. Once they have the hand-eye coordination and baby teeth have come in, teach them how to brush their teeth with a toothbrush and kid-friendly toothpaste. Teach them how to spit and use a timer to help them understand how long they should be brushing for a truly clean smile.
  2. Visit the Dentist: Not sure when to schedule your child’s first dental checkup? You should bring them to see a pediatric dentist by age one to ensure normal development and have a thorough oral examination performed by a professional. Starting them with regular visits to the dentist from a young age will also increase their familiarity with the dental office and eliminate anxiety and hissy-fits in later years.
  3. Establish Good Habits: Lifestyle choices are the most effective and easy ways you can help protect your kids’ teeth. Limit how much sugar and junk food is in their diet, which can cause tooth decay. Dilute sugary juice with water and encourage children to rinse their mouth after drinking sugary beverages. A regular oral hygiene routine is one of the best gifts you can give your children and their teeth, so start these habits young. Whether it is family brushing time or flossing accompanied by a favourite song, find what works for you and your kids, and make it fun!

A family brushing their teeth togetherContact Dr. Cyrus Dentistry to book your child’s dental appointment. Visit our dental clinic for your pediatric dentistry services and let us support your child’s oral health. From baby teeth to dental implants, we offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family.




There can be many causes of dental issues with children.


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