Pros and Cons of Dental Fillings

dental fillingsOne of the first dental troubles most people face is a cavity, also known as tooth decay. Plaque and bacteria are left to linger on a tooth or between teeth, eventually leading to the formation of a cavity. While unpleasant, not all cavities are painful, and thankfully, there is also a fast and effective treatment option known as dental fillings.

Dental fillings are a very common dental care procedure that can be completed quickly at most dental clinics. The dentist will remove the tooth decay using a drill before cleaning and filling the tooth. Once finished and polished, the procedure is complete. Learn more by reading the following or contact Dr. Cyrus to find out more about dental fillings and other dental care treatments.


Understanding Dental Fillings

Ask your dental care provider if a dental filling is right for you and read these pros and cons to understand more about this common dental care treatment:

  • Options for Filling Materials: Gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, and composite resin fillings are available. Depending on cost, dental insurance and the specific location and depth of the cavity, your dentist can recommend the right material for your oral health and budget.
  • Takes Some Getting Used To: Your tongue may gravitate towards the filling for the first few hours or days after getting a filling. While the surface will be polished to meet the surface of your natural tooth as closely as possible, you may still be able to detect the new material in your mouth. Tell your dentist if the filling is still obvious or uncomfortable for you after a week.
  • No Recovery Time: The filling hardens and bonds to your tooth, so there isn’t any delay in restoring its function. You may experience some soreness or stiffness in your jaw, depending on how deep the cavity is and where it is located. Other than that, the only time required to recover will be waiting for the anesthetic to wear off.
  • Minimal Pain: The anesthetic will be applied both topically and through an injection, so you will be conscious but won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

dental fillingsContact Dr. Cyrus Dentistry for all your dental services, from fillings to teeth whitening. We are dedicated to providing our patients with customized solutions for their aesthetic and dental health concerns. Whether your kids need to make their first visit to the dentist or you are considering dental crowns, our friendly staff has experience with a wide variety of dental care treatments and procedures.


Find out more about dental fillings and prevent tooth decay by scheduling your teeth cleaning appointment today.


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