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Thanks to advancing technology in the world of cosmetic dentistry, you can restore your natural tooth shade and go even whiter with the transformational process known as Teeth Whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening To Bring Back Your Smile

Why Teeth Whitening

Everyone starts out with beautiful white teeth. Over the years, our tooth enamel begins to wear down and is prone to yellowing and staining. Professional teeth whitening can restore the look of your teeth, removing any stains or debris stuck in the cracks of your enamel. The result is a brighter, whiter smile that you can be proud of.
Some things make your teeth more prone to staining and yellowing, such as:

  • Age
  • Eating habits (regular consumption of tea/coffee, red wine, and cola can alter the appearance of your teeth)
  • Smoking
  • Teeth grinding
  • Drugs and chemical use
  • Trauma

Professional Teeth Whitening At Our Dental Clinic In Scarborough

At our dental clinic in Scarborough, you can have a teeth whitening procedure done in-office or use our unique take-home kit to use in the comfort of your own home. At-home kits are just as effective as in-office kits because they utilize a higher concentration of the whitening solution. In-office whitening sessions, however, accelerate the process and can be done faster than at-home kits.

Before you begin, you need to meet with a professional to assess which whitening method is suitable for you based on the current condition of your teeth.

Because teeth whitening is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance may not cover the cost. However, not all insurance policies are the same. Therefore, during your consultation, we can assess not only your candidacy but also help you understand your coverage. If required, we can come up with a suitable payment solution for your teeth whitening procedure.

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