Why Are My Gums Bleeding? Causes and Treatments for Bleeding Gums

bleeding gumsYou may be wondering what has caused your bleeding gums and how to prevent it from happening in the future. You aren’t alone. While it is not uncommon to see some blood in the sink or on your floss string after your dental care routine, it can indicate oral health troubles and should not be left unaddressed. While a dental professional may be required to pinpoint the exact cause, there are some common causes that you may be able to identify on your own.

Read below to learn more about how you can prevent bleeding gums and visit Dr. Cyrus Dentistry to get personalized dental health care. From routine checkups to teeth whitening and root canals, our experienced staff provides dental services for your entire family.

5 Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

Here are some of the most common reasons people experience bleeding gums:

    1. Medications: Some medications can cause bleeding gums, especially those which limit the formation of blood clots. Inform your family dentist about any changes to your prescriptions.
    2. New to Flossing: If you have just added flossing to your dental hygiene routine, congratulations! You are taking the right steps to care for your teeth and gums that will pay off today and in the future. Unfortunately, there can be an adjustment period as food and plaque are removed from teeth and gums that are sensitive and not used to being flossed. This can even occur after a few days of skipping flossing. At such times, you may see some blood from your gums.
    3. Gingivitis: The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis occurs as plaque and food left on the gum line lead to infection and inflammation. It can also result in increased sensitivity, making your gums susceptible to bleeding.
    4. New Tools: If you have recently bought a new toothbrush, your gums may react to the switch by bleeding. Especially if you have made the switch to harder bristles. Speak with your dentist about changing the type of toothbrush you use and to find out which one is right for you.
    5. Pregnancy: Some women experience what is known as “pregnancy gingivitis” during their pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels can lead to increased gum sensitivity and bleeding. Don’t stop your oral hygiene routine, but speak with your doctor and dentist. It is crucial to brush and floss daily to prevent symptoms from progressing and becoming more serious.

bleeding gumsContact the team at Dr. Cyrus Dentistry if your gums continue to bleed regularly. Ask us your questions or schedule an appointment for a routine checkup to learn more about your oral health. We offer a variety of dental services to suit your needs and keep your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible. From pediatric dentistry to cosmetic treatments, we offer all the services you need.


Find out what is causing your bleeding gums and end the problem today.

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