Night Guards

Many individuals grind or clench their teeth while asleep and are not even aware they are doing so.

Night Guards Protect your teeth from night grinding

Many individuals grind or clench their teeth while asleep and are unaware they are doing so. Because patients are unaware that they are grinding their teeth, they may feel there is no need for a night guard. While it may not seem like an attractive option, night guards can protect your teeth and prevent long-term, permanent damage done in your sleep. RECEIVE YOUR CUSTOM-FITTED NIGHT GUARDS BY SCHEDULING A CONSULTATION TODAY. Call 416-287-2426 or Book Your Appointment Online.

What Happens if You Do Not Wear a Night Guard?

Forceful clenching and teeth grinding, known as bruxism, is considered a major dental problem and becoming increasingly common. You will eventually notice signs of wear on your teeth enamel, but teeth grinding and clenching are not just cosmetic issues. Grinding your teeth with great force can make your teeth flatten. If allowed to continue, your grinding can cause temperature sensitivities, pain, receding gums, and lost teeth. To correct the grinding damage, you may need to undergo certain procedures, including bridgescrownsdental implants, or extractionsChronic grinding can lead to migraines and frequent pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

The Benefits of Custom-Fitted Night Guards

Custom-fitted night guards offer protection designed specifically for your teeth’ size and placement. Most importantly, they prevent the permanent damage done by nighttime grinding and clenching. Key benefits of wearing custom-fitted night guards include:

  • Enamel Protection – Night guards provide protection for your tooth enamel. Because the hard protective enamel covering of your teeth protects a layer of dentin and the cluster of nerves and blood vessels inside of your teeth, preventing enamel destruction is important. Long-term grinding can expose dentin and compromise the integrity of your teeth.
  • Provides Cushioning for Jaw Muscles – If you grind or clench in your sleep, you may wake up with pain around your cheeks and jaw. Custom night guards will provide cushioning to protect your teeth and support your jaw so that you can avoid this discomfort.
  • Better Fit – Night guards purchased over-the-counter do not offer the same fit and comfort as a custom-fitted night guard. Custom-fitted models are made from a bite mold taken of your teeth and the thickness is designed specifically so you can wear it comfortably while you sleep.

Night guards are your best protection from permanent tooth damage due to bruxism. They are also more cost-effective than purchasing and replacing the temporary guards available at your local store. Insurance plans may cover a custom night guard, but it will depend on the policy and your specific level of coverage. BOOK YOUR CUSTOM NIGHT GUARD CONSULTATION TODAY. Call us at 416-287-2426 to make an appointment with Dr. Cyrus.

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