A happy patient with her dentistYou help your child brush, floss and even rinse daily. You keep up with their dental visits and monitor their sugar intake. Even with all of this, children are at high-risk for decay and cavities, which is why paediatric dentists are now recommending sealants as part of your child’s dental care routine. A dental sealant is a thin plastic film that is painted onto the chewing surface of the teeth, and it is completely safe.

How Dental Sealants Work

A dental sealant helps reduce the likelihood your children will develop decay or cavities in the grooves of their premolars. Ideally, a child should receive a sealant as soon as their teeth come in. This will protect them through the cavity-prone years (which are ages six to 14). Sealants last for 10 years, so you do not have to worry about multiple visits to reapply. Your child will need to be seen regularly within that 10-year timeframe to ensure the sealant is not chipping or wearing away.

Applying sealants is easy and pain-free. Your child’s paediatric dentist will perform five quick steps to apply the sealant:

  1. Clean the teeth thoroughly.
  2. Dry the teeth using cotton and place material around the teeth to keep them dry.
  3. Apply an acid solution to the chewing surfaces of the teeth to help roughen them.
  4. Rinse and dry the teeth again.
  5. Apply the sealant by painting a thin layer onto the tooth’s enamel. Here it will bond directly to the tooth and harden.

Why Get Dental Sealants for Children?

A young child with a toothbrushWhile you may think that brushing, flossing, and rinsing will prevent your child from developing cavities, there are reasons to consider sealants as part of their overall health routine. Just some benefits to using dental sealants include:

  • Effective Cavity Prevention – Dental sealants have proven to be highly effective in preventing pit and fissure cavities. While widely underused, medical professionals feel they are one of the best defences against early decay. Even if your child uses fluoride, sealants are still recommended.
  • Colourless – Sealants are colourless and can be slightly tinted to match your child’s natural tooth colour if necessary. This way, they are not readily seen while your child talks, smiles or laughs.
  • Cheaper Alternative to Cavities – Cavities are expensive to repair and can create a negative dental experience for your child. By using sealants, you dramatically reduce the risk of cavities and can save yourself money over a period of time.

If you are interested in dental sealants for your child, visit a paediatric dentist.


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