How Do I Find a Good Dentist in Scarborough?


A dentist talking with a child and her motherYour oral health is important and so is finding someone you trust to look after it. Whether you have shy children or a busy work schedule, finding a dentist that is well-located and offers all the dental services you need may seem like a daunting task. Don’t be discouraged. If you just take a little time to look, you can find a convenient dental clinic in Scarborough with a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals at your service.

Tips to Find a Great Family Dentist


Use these tips to find a Scarborough dentist or contact Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry to learn more about our dental clinic and services:

    • Research: Look online for information and reviews of local dentists and dental clinics. If you have specific needs such as cosmetic dentistry or have children, you will want to ensure the dental clinic offers the appropriate services. Family and friends can also provide a great resource when looking for a new healthcare provider. Ask about their personal experiences and the locations of their preferred dental clinics.
    • Insurance: Many insurance providers offer a network of oral healthcare professionals who they can easily sort out coverage with. Streamline your dental appointments and search by exploring the options for a family dentist in Scarborough based on the list they provide. You will be able to enjoy easy billing and can start off with a shorter list of dental clinics to consider.
    • Visit: Sometimes it just takes a quick visit to a local dentist’s office to determine if the dentist and staff are a good fit for your needs. Ask plenty of questions about available services and hours in person, and get a feel for the atmosphere in one visit. If you feel satisfied by the responses you receive and experience peace of mind, it is more likely that you will feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair as well.

What to Look for in a Dental Clinic

Not sure what questions to ask? Consider these important factors:

    • Hours: Ensure weekend or evening hours work with your schedule so that appointments are convenient.
    • Location: Consider if it is best to have a dentist that is close to work, school, or home.
    • Kid-Friendly: The age of your children may eliminate some dental clinics from your options. Ensure pediatric dentistry services are available for every stage of development the young ones in your family will progress through.
    • Cosmetic dentistry: If you are likely to consider teeth whitening, veneers, or other options, look into a dentist that can provide these services in the same setting as your teeth cleaning.
    • Referrals: If the service you need cannot be provided, be sure to ask about the referral process.
    • Payment options: Insurance arrangements, payment installments, credit card, or cheques – whatever your preferred or available method of payment may be, you must ask and confirm that it is accepted.
    • Technology: You want experienced dentists with the latest technology. Ask about digital x-rays and other advancements that can help identify, clean, and repair tooth troubles.

A dentist showing a dental x-ray to a familyEnd your search today with the team at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry. Our Scarborough dental clinic offers convenient services, flexible billing practices, and reliable dental work for the entire family. From root canals to routine teeth cleaning appointments, we can look after you and your family’s oral health. We are currently accepting new patients and welcome you to visit our dental office location to meet our staff and learn more.


Contact us to discuss your oral health and find out about our dental services.



Speak to the team at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry by calling (416) 287-2426 today and book your consultation.

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