Digital Impressions for Dental Crowns

Damaged teeth can be painful and may change the appearance of your smile.

Digital Impressions for Dental Crowns

Until a few years ago, crowns were created by impressions that were taken manually in a dentist’s office. Today, technology has advanced and your dentist can take impressions of your teeth digitally. This cutting-edge technology uses virtual, computer-generated replicas of the hard and soft tissues of the tooth using lasers and other high-tech scanning devices.

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Why Digital Impressions?

Crown digital impressions are efficient, accurate and allow dentists to email their results directly to the laboratory responsible for creating the dental crown. It eliminates the need for physical impressions and can even be used for same day restorations. Some benefits of using this technology include:

  • Improved image quality for better-fitting crowns
  • Less time the patient is required to sit in the dentist’s chair
  • No more awkward mouthpieces and waiting for the impression to set. Also, digital impressions eliminate the hassles of impression materials or patients feeling like they are gagging.
  • Improved accuracy and the elimination of errors during the process of taking the impression
  • Improved patient retention – patients tend to go back to dental offices that used advanced technology and are constantly innovating in their practice
  • Quick scanning – often done in under five minutes
  • Impressions are stored digitally and indefinitely, which saves space in the dental office, ensures accurate record-keeping and promotes a paper-free practice

The Types of Digital Dental Impressions

There are two main types of digital technologies used for these impressions. One will capture the images as photographs, which provide dentists and laboratories a series of images to develop their crowns. The other type uses digital video instead of still images. Both use laser or digital scanning methods to create their images. Laser scanning is exact and it is safe to use on younger patients too. Digital optical scanners are also accurate and safe, but the teeth will first need a powder coating before the scan can be appropriately recorded.

Scheduling Your Appointment for a Digital Impression

If you need a dental crown, you can avoid the discomfort, taste and gagging associated with traditional dental impressions by coming to Dr. Cyrus for digital impressions. Our office wants your dental experience to be as comfortable as possible.

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