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Digital Dental X-raysX-rays or radiographs are an essential part of your dental treatment. Established Dentists like Dr. Cyrus have switched to digital dental x-rays as they are quicker, relatively safer and promote faster and better treatment. For instance, they produce larger photographs revealing hard-to-see cavities. Immediate results and the ability to store them on the computer for easy reference put them far ahead of standard radiographs. However, not all dentists use them because of high equipment costs. At Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry, we are invested in your dental health and offer the up-to-date treatments to help you improve and maintain a beautiful smile. Our digital x-rays have significantly improved our diagnosis and reduced treatment time. Dr. Cyrus and his team stay on the cutting-edge of dental technology and procedures to provide you with the best care. From dental exams and regular cleanings to cosmetic and restorative treatments, you can count on us for personalized, high-quality care for your whole family.

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What Types of Dental X-Rays Exist?
X-rays are used to help dental hygienists and dentists see what cannot be identified with the naked eye. In order to get a full picture of the health of your mouth, several pictures must be taken, including: • Bitewing: This exposes the upper and lower back teeth and can identify everything from how your teeth line up to whether or not there are any signs of decay. • Periapical: This exposes your entire tooth, including the roots that support the bone. This identifies issues with your gum line, jaw and other dental problems such as cysts, abscesses or tumors. • Occlusal: This examines the roof of your mouth and helps your dental professional see teeth that have not come through the gums. It may also be used to identify jaw fractures, cysts, and even a cleft palate. • Panoramic: Gives your dentist a broader view of your mouth, including jaw joints, teeth, and jaw line. This does not expose cavities, growths or cysts. X-rays can be performed using the standard printing method or they can be done using digital dental x-rays. These types of x-rays are becoming more common in dental offices for two reasons: 1. They are automatically stored on a computer. Your dental hygienist can look up past x-rays quickly, can send x-rays to other dental or periodontal professionals, and they can be viewed anywhere in your dentist’s office. 2. They use less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. According to the *Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene, digital X-rays give 70% less exposure to radiation than conventional ones.

How Often Do I Need Dental X-Rays?
At our office, digital x-rays are performed annually. We speak many languages including English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Amharic, Somali, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil and Hindi to meet the requirements of our culturally diverse families. Whether you need a routine dental exam, regular cleanings or intensive treatments, we are always happy and willing to help. You can count on us to keep you smiling.

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