Digital Dental X-Rays: Improving Dental Treatments and Diagnosis

Sometimes the true condition of your teeth cannot be determined by looking at the surface. Instead, your dental professional needs x-rays to tell them the health of your roots, gums, and teeth. Dental x-rays take pictures of the bones, teeth and even soft tissue, helping a dental professional quickly diagnose cavities, gum disease, and bone loss.


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What Types of Dental X-Rays Are There?

X-rays are used to help dental professionals see what cannot be identified with the naked eye. In order to get a full picture of the health of your mouth, several pictures must be taken, including:
•    Bitewing – This exposes the upper and lower back teeth and can identify everything from how your teeth line up to whether or not there are any signs of decay.
•    Periapical – This exposes your entire tooth, including the roots that support the bone. This identifies issues with your gum line, jaw and other dental problems such as cysts, abscesses or tumors.
•    Occlusal – This examines the roof of your mouth and helps your dental professional see teeth that have not come through the gums. It may also be used to identify jaw fractures, cysts and even a cleft palate.
•    Panoramic – Gives your dentist a broader view of your mouth, including jaw joints, teeth and jaw line. This does not expose cavities, growths or cysts.

X-rays can be performed using the standard printing method or they can be done using digital dental x-rays. Digital x-rays are becoming more common in dental offices for two reasons:

1.    They are automatically stored on a computer. Your dental professional can look up past x-rays quickly, can send x-rays to other dental or periodontal professionals, and they can be viewed anywhere in your dentist’s office.
2.    They use less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.
How often you need dental x-rays depends on your dental history and genetics. Some adults may only need x-rays every two to three years, while others may need their digital dental x-rays performed annually. Your dentist will decide how often you require x-rays after an initial examination.


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