Dental Fillings

Fillings are among the most common dental procedures and are nothing to worry about.

Dental Filling
Repairing Broken Teeth Safely

Fillings are among the most common dental procedures and are nothing to worry about. They can repair decaying teeth, commonly known as cavities, or fix cracked or broken teeth. The results are seamless, as the filling looks like your natural teeth. Need a filling done? Contact Dr. Cyrus Dentistry or visit our dental clinic in Scarborough today to receive professional dental care and a filling.

What to Expect From Your Filling Treatment

If you need your first filling or haven’t needed one in a long time, you may be wondering what to expect from your appointment. Here is how Dental fillings are typically administered:

  • Numbing: Teeth, gums, the tongue, and surrounding tissues will be numbed to make the procedure painless. First a numbing gel will be applied to the area, and then an anesthetic will be injected to dull sensation in the treatment area. Some dentists may administer nitrous oxide gas (commonly called laughing gas) to further relax patients who have heightened anxiety or are nervous.
  • Protection: Sometimes, a small rubber sheet or metal frame is used to prevent liquid and tooth particles from entering the patient’s mouth and throat. These tools also help the dentist to target the decayed tooth.
  • Procedure: The decayed part of the tooth will be drilled out and removed. The remaining gap or hole is where the filling will be placed, leaving you with a healthy, better functioning tooth.
  • Recovery: Numbing will go away after several hours, depending on the patient. You should avoid eating until feeling is completely restored in order to avoid accidentally biting your tongue, lip or cheek. The filling may be noticeable in your mouth for a few days to a week, and the tooth may be tender for a few days. If the filling feels uneven and is impacting your bite, or the tenderness does not go away after five days, visit your dentist to get it checked.
  • Types: Depending on the type of cavity, chip, break or fracture you have in your tooth or teeth, different types of fillings may be administered. Amalgam, composite resin, lonomers, gold and ceramic fillings are all popular options. At Dr. Cyrus Dentistry, we use white composite fillings which do not contain any mercury and provide a seamless look.

Schedule your filling appointment today and restore the health and appearance of your teeth. Whether you have dentified a cavity or are due for your regular teeth cleaning and checkup, our professional staff can help you maintain your oral health. Have more questions about fillings, or want to learn more about our dental clinic? We are currently accepting new patients and offer a range of dental services, from pediatric dentistry to cosmetic dentistry treatments. Rely on our friendly and professional team for comprehensive dental care and to learn more about caring for your teeth. Decaying, cracked or broken teeth require dental fillings to prevent further damage. 


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