Dental Bridges

Are you missing teeth affecting your bite and preventing you from smiling?

Dental Bridges

Customized Treatment and Care at Your Local Scarborough Dentist

Are you missing teeth affecting your bite and preventing you from smiling? Missing teeth can be replaced by bridges that are fixed in your mouth and look and function just like your natural teeth. Bridges are typically used to cover a space if you are missing one or more teeth. Gaps not only cause a problem with chewing and speaking, but your surrounding teeth can also shift and alter your bite. In some cases, the imbalance caused by missing teeth may also result in gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Bridges span the empty space and are cemented to natural teeth or implants surrounding the space where the tooth once stood. They are made of different materials including gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Your dentist will help you decide what is best for you. Bridges are permanent and cannot be removed. At Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry, we do a complete assessment of the condition of your teeth, mouth, and gums to determine the right solution for you. All treatment plans are customized to meet the individualized needs of each patient.  In addition to fitting your bridge, Dr. Cyrus and his team will show you how to take good care of it. With regular dental visits and professional cleaning, bridges can last for 10 years or even longer.  To determine if you are a candidate for bridges, call 416-287-2426 or book your appointment online.

Types of Dental Bridgework

There are a few types of dental bridges, but the three most common ones are cantilever, resin-bonded, and conventional fixed. Cantilever and conventional fixed bridges will need your existing teeth to be reshaped to accommodate the new dental bridge. Resin-bonded bridges do not require as much preparation to the surrounding teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges 

  • They can restore your smile
  • They can help you chew and speak properly
  • They can maintain the appeal of your smile and your face overall
  • They distribute forces when you bite so that your teeth wear properly
  • They can prevent your remaining teeth from being damaged and protect your gums from decay

Preparing for Your Dental Bridge Consultation and Procedure

You will need to meet with our Toronto dentists to see if you are a candidate for dental bridgework. Your missing teeth and the surrounding teeth will also be assessed to determine which type of bridge is right for your mouth. During your procedure, an impression of your teeth will be taken to create a model. Then, the bridge is fabricated based on that model by a skilled lab technician. This ensures your bridge fits perfectly in between your existing teeth. During the fabrication process, you can be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums until the permanent dental bridge is ready.  At Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care for your whole family. Specialized services for children and adults help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed in our clinic. We speak many languages including English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Tagalog, Amharic, Somali, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, and Hindi to better serve your needs. You can count on us to help you preserve and protect your beautiful smile.

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