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Dental consultations allow you to explore your options for local dental clinics and find the right provider that you feel comfortable with. During a consultation, the dentist will assess your overall oral health and establish your dental care needs. These appointments are extremely beneficial and highly recommended for anyone wanting a change in dentists or even considering a family dentist who can take care of oral care from infants and toddlers to the seniors at home.


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What is Assessed at a Dental Consultation?

The oral assessment phase will look into several aspects of your current oral health including:
•    Any current fillings, crowns or veneers you have in place
•    Any missing teeth or signs of decay
•    Signs of wear, loss of enamel or indicators of bad brushing habits
•    Your overall bite
•    Assessing your jaw muscles and jaw joints
•    Looking at the colour of your teeth and their overall appearance; inquiring whether you wish to change anything
•    Examining your tongue, throat, cheeks and the lips
•    Performing a series of dental x-rays to look for dramatic changes, decay inside the tooth, root positions or jaw joint issues

After the initial assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and recommend a treatment or maintenance plan. We will also go over the benefits and risks of any prescribed treatments, the associated costs and help you decide what is best for you.

Specialty Consultations for Your Dental Needs

Sometimes you may need a specialty consultation to see if you are a candidate for a particular dental care option such as braces, veneers, dental appliances, implants or bone grafts or even crowns and root canals. During these appointments, we will begin with a general assessment, and then compare your current oral health to the candidacy requirements for the treatment you seek.

Even if you are not a suitable candidate for a certain type of treatment or procedure, we will likely have an alternative treatment option, so you do not have to be disappointed. Here at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental services, treatments, and procedures to make you look and feel your best. Come in for a consultation and bring the entire family!

Does Insurance Cover a Dental Consultation?

In most cases, your dental insurance plan should cover a consultation at your local dental clinic, though you may have a copayment that is due at the time of service. For future treatments or specialized procedures, our dental office can assess your insurance coverage and discuss specific costs that you may be responsible for out of pocket.


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