10 Reasons Why You Need Regular Teeth Check-Ups

Advice from Your Neighbourhood Dentist

Ideally, you should go in for a dental check-up once a year. If your insurance allows it, twice per year is even better.

How often do you go?

While you brush and floss at home, you still need a cleaning appointment with your dental professional. Dental cleanings by a professional hygienist deliver a deeper clean that your toothbrush cannot. Also, they are pivotal for ensuring optimum oral health and catching the early signs of disease.

A Dentist Examing The Teeth of a Patient

10 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

If you have avoided the dental chair for some time, there are a few good reasons to schedule an appointment, including:

  1. Tartar Buildup is Bad for Oral Health: The hard-to-reach crevices inside your mouth have tartar buildup, and a hygienist can remove it with special tools. Without a cleaning, tartar can continue to build and lead to cavities.
  2. X-Rays Detect Early Decay: During a regular check-up, you will get dental x-rays. X-rays screen for cavities and early signs of decay – long before your tooth starts causing pain.
  3. Examining Dental Habits: Do you know if you are brushing too hard? Are you using the right toothpaste? Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? During your check-up, your dentist will go over your dental habits and where you might need to improve.
  4. Gum Disease: Gum disease is not easy to see right away; unless you are a dental professional. Your dentist examines your gums and looks for early signs of disease. The earlier it is treated, the less likely it is to develop into something more serious.
  5. Oral Cancer Screening: A dental check up includes an oral cancer screening. During the screening, your dentist looks for early signs of cancer in the mouth and if detected, can refer you to a specialist for prompt treatment.
  6. Other Essential Checks: Your dentist also does a quick head, neck, and lymph node check to look for complications, early signs of inflammation, and dental issues.
  7. Sleep Apnea: If you find yourself waking up tired, you might have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to stop breathing during regular intervals at night. A customized mouthguard from your dentist might help prevent apnea and get you more hours of rest each night.
  8. Bad Habits: Stay accountable for bad habits, such as smoking or eating sweet treats right before bed. Your dentist ensures you are following proper hygiene and avoiding bad habits that lead to premature decay.
  9. Fewer Surprises: When you see your dentist for an appointment once a year, you might have fewer surprises, including toothaches, sensitivity, and cavities.
  10.  Using Your Dental Benefits: You pay for dental insurance benefits, so why not use them? Your dental insurance covers annual teeth cleanings, and some insurance providers allow bi-annual cleaning appointments.

A Dentist Displaying Correct Brushing Techniques

Reap the benefits of regular teeth check-ups by scheduling a dental consultation with Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry. Our hygienists will clean your teeth, and your dentist will examine your mouth for any problem areas.

Schedule your dental consultation with the friendly team at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry. Call our office now at 416-287-2426.

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What Makes a Good Dental Hygienist?

Valuable Insights from Your Local Scarborough Dental Hygienist

When you select a local dental office, you are not just choosing a dentist; you are also picking out a dental hygienist in Scarborough. You and your hygienist have a special relationship. Hygienists keep your teeth clean and educate you on proper oral health. Therefore, picking a hygienist is critical to ensure the best smile and enjoy overall wellness. A dentist in her clinic

Qualities to Look for in Dental Hygienists in Scarborough, Toronto

A well-rounded dental office has a friendly family dentist and a helpful, professional hygienist. When looking at your options, consider the following qualities in a hygienist:

  • Patience: Dental work can make some patients uneasy. Therefore, you want a dental hygienist that is patient with your fears, understands what you are experiencing, and is there to help you through it. They should have the patience to make you feel comfortable – even if that means a few more minutes in their schedule to get started.
  • Detail-Oriented: A good Toronto dental hygienist is detail-oriented. Your mouth is full of small spaces and crevices, so your hygienist must pay attention to every detail inside your mouth, seeking out the little hiding spots for plaque and tartar. If you have sensitive teeth, a hygienist who takes his or her time will prevent any discomfort during your cleaning.
  • Passion: Your dental hygienists in Toronto should be enthusiastic about helping you maintain your oral health. They are there to teach you how to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and your teeth white.
  • Endurance: Dental hygienists stand on their feet throughout the day, and conduct numerous repetitive motions. Therefore, you want one that has the physical stamina to continue delivering superior dental care, regardless of how long their shift might be. Mental endurance is equally important because your hygienist is required to multi-task and applies decision-making skills throughout the day at work.
  • Knowledge: The more your hygienist knows, the better for your mouth. A hygienist with a thorough understanding of dental sciences, including the latest technology, is necessary. Also, you want a hygienist with superior clinical dexterity and countless hours of experience.
  • Communication: Talk to your hygienists and get a feel for their communication skills. Are they positive and uplifting? Do they convey information clearly? Excellent communication is vital, in particular with a person who is there to educate you about taking care of your teeth and the dental health of your family.

A Dentist Explaining a Report to Her Patient If you are on the lookout for a new Toronto dental hygienist, the team at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry can help. We have a full team of qualified hygienists, including our director Kelvin and hygienists Brigette, Paddy, Emily, and Tanese. Our hygienists speak various languages and we welcome new patients. When you want a dental office that takes your oral health seriously, it is imperative that you consider not only the dentist but the staff as well – including, the dental hygienist. Schedule your annual cleaning with a dental hygienist in Scarborough, Toronto at Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry. Call our office now at 416-287-2426.

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Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

If your smile is missing teeth, chances are that simple daily tasks like eating or talking may have become difficult. Not to mention that your attitude towards smiling or being social may be subdued as well because you are feeling self-conscious. Difficult oral health problems can be created as well. Luckily, dentists have a treatment option available to help restore the function and beauty of your smile – the Dental Implant.

What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants consist of a titanium post and an artificial tooth that will be placed into your mouth to take the place of the missing tooth or missing teeth. The implant post is made of titanium and will be surgically implanted into your jawbone. After a healing time of between 3-6 months, the implant post will have become fused to your jawbone and is now ready to support an artificial tooth. This process is called osseointegration. The visible portion of the artificial tooth is made of a ceramic material and will be screwed or cemented into place on top of the implant post.

What’s Involved in Placing Dental Implants

The first step in getting dental implants installed is placing the implant post into or onto the patients jawbone and then waiting for the healing process to complete. Once the implant area has healed and osseointegration has occurred, the implant will be covered by new gum tissue. The implant will need to be exposed and a healing collar attached. After that an impression mold will be taken so that a fixture used to attach an artificial ceramic tooth, as well as the artificial tooth itself, can be fabricated. It is important that both pieces fit perfectly onto the post and into the gap. Once the artificial tooth is ready, it will be test fitted and then cemented or screwed into place.

There are two types of dental implants used by dentists today:

Endosteal implants are most commonly used and feature an implant post that is placed into the jawbone.

Subperiosteal implants are designed for patients whose jawbone isn’t sufficient to support an endosteal implant and instead feature an implant that is placed on top of the bone.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many distinct advantages when compared with other forms of restorations such as:

  • Implants take the place of your natural teeth and offer the same functionality and appearance.
  • Dental implants are stable and secure, meaning they wont shift or slip out of position.
  • Unlike with dentures or bridges, there are no additional cleaning procedures required. Implants are cleaned just like your natural teeth. There is no need for removal or overnight soaking.
  • Neighbouring teeth remain intact, meaning no shaving or installation of crowns is required to install a dental implant.
  • Dental implants can help with a sagging facial expression and can restore the natural contour of your face.
  • Implants prevent your other teeth from moving to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth.
  • Dental implants are custom fabricated to match or upgrade your existing smile – no one will know you have dental implants.
  • Implants can help patients rediscover their zest for life by allowing them to speak, chew and smile normally with confidence.

If you are suffering from missing teeth, contact our office for a free consultation about whether you’re a candidate for dental implants and how they can help restore your smile.

6 Reasons You Need Professional Dental Cleanings

6 Reasons You Need Professional Dental Cleanings

Dentist examining a patient's teeth
We’ve all been raised knowing that brushing and cleaning your teeth regularly is extremely important for your overall health. Most of us make the effort to take care of our teeth by brushing twice daily and flossing frequently, however, simply brushing your teeth at home isn’t enough to keep your mouth as healthy as it should be. Make sure that you’re also visiting your dentist’s office at least twice a year for a dental cleaning and check-up. These regular cleanings and check-ups are the best way to prevent many dental or medical problems that are associated with poor oral hygiene such as cavities, gum disease, bone loss, tooth loss, infections, even heart disease, respiratory issues, strokes and more.

Keep reading for 6 Reasons You Need Professional Dental Cleanings

Prevent Gum Disease – Gingivitis & Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is defined as an infection of the gum tissue or jawbone. The leading cause of gum disease is bacteria build-up, leading to plaque and tartar. In it’s early stages, gum disease is known as gingivitis and can be treated fairly easily. If gum disease is allowed to linger it can turn into periodontal disease, which is much more serious. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are not enough – professional teeth cleanings are required to keep your mouth healthy.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Seeing as gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults, keeping your mouth healthy will help you enjoy your smile for a lifetime. Missing teeth can affect your ability to chew, speak and remain healthy long term. Don’t mess around – see your dental hygienist for professional teeth cleanings regularly.

Early Detection of Dental Problems

During visits to your dentist, your mouth will be examined for any indicators that something is wrong. Problems could include cavities, gum disease, broken fillings and others that are easily treatable if caught early. Dental check-ups also screen for gingivitis or more serious problems like periodontal disease or even oral cancer.

Keep Your Smile Bright

The best way to a white smile is to visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings. There is no substitute for a teeth cleaning from a professional dental hygienist. They use tools that can remove most stains caused by tobacco or food and drink such as tea, coffee or citrus. This is also a good time to speak to your hygienist about a professional teeth whitening procedure.

Help Keep the Rest of Your Body in Good Shape

Studies have shown a link between poor oral hygiene and other medical conditions. These include heart problems, strokes, respiratory illness and more. Professional teeth cleanings are the best way for ensuring optimal oral health.

We all no the importance of good oral hygiene and the positive impact it has on quality of life. There is no excuse for neglecting your mouth – so brush, floss, rinse and make an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning and dental check-up today.

Dental Exams and Oral Care Can Keep Your Teeth from Falling Out

See How Your Friendly Dental Clinic in Scarborough Can Help

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean involves more than brushing and flossing. While these are essential steps in your daily hygiene routine, you also need to keep up with your appointments at your local dental clinic in Scarborough.

Also, certain lifestyle changes can keep your teeth healthy, and when you know what problems lurk in the future, you might be able to avoid tooth loss and decay.

A Dentist Examining the Teeth of a Patient

Understand the Most Common Problems with Gums and Teeth as You Age

Your teeth and gums age along with your body. Therefore, keeping up with professional dental care in Scarborough is critical. Four common issues as you age include:

  1. Gum Disease: Gum disease starts with gingivitis, and the early stages are reversible. Once it goes untreated, however, you may develop a destructive form of gum disease known as periodontitis. Regular appointments for oral care in our Scarborough, Toronto dental office can help prevent it.
  2. Missing Teeth: The average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth. To avoid becoming a part of this average statistic, visit our dental office in Scarborough for cleanings and check-ups twice a year.
  3. Tooth Sensitivity: Hot or cold foods might make you cringe in pain. Sensitivity might occur from tooth decay, worn fillings, gum disease, worn enamel, or an exposed tooth root.
  4. Dry Mouth: Certain prescription medications and hormonal changes as you age can lead to chronic dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead to other complications, such as decay and gum disease. Therefore, it is important to visit your Scarborough dental office on a regular basis and ensure your teeth stay healthy.

How Your Family Dental Clinic Can Help

Regular cleanings and dental checkups can do plenty for aging teeth and gums. For starters, they brighten your smile, which means you improve your self-confidence. Also, your dentist will take dental x-rays, which identify the early signs of cavities and other types of decay.

A Dentist Looking At An X-ray Of a Patient’s Mouth

When you visit your dentist periodically, you can enhance your oral care at home, boost your overall health, and save yourself the costs and hassles of gum disease or tooth loss.

Can You Prevent Tooth Loss? Yes! Get Proper Dental Care in Toronto

To avoid tooth loss, you must visit your friendly dental office in Scarborough twice per year. Gum disease starts as plaque build-up, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in older adults. As the gum disease advances, plaque moves down the tooth and into the bone; destroying everything in its path. Your teeth start to loosen up, and then eventually fall out.

By visiting your dentist for dental care and screenings, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood you will lose your teeth as you get older.

Protect your teeth for a lifetime by visiting your friendly dental clinic in Scarborough. Book your appointment with Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry today by calling 416-287-2426.

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