5 Tips for Tooth Decay Prevention

Cavities are a common dental issue that is often a sign of declining dental health. Did you know that cavities occur as a result of tooth decay? This is a gradual decay that occurs over time but, luckily, it can be reversed with a few preventative measures and good habits.

5 Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

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Acids produced by bacteria in the mouth cause tooth decay. Here are 5 ways you can keep the bacteria in check and limit the damage they cause to your teeth:

  1. Avoid Sugars – Carbohydrates leave sugars in the mouth that produce the most acid. When your dentist tells you to limit the number of sweets you eat, it is for a good reason! Sugar is the most common cause of tooth decay, so eliminating sweets and carbs from your diet can help keep your teeth clean and healthy.
  2. Rinse with Water – Giving up sugar may seem impossible if you have a sweet tooth. If you want to indulge from time to time, rinse your mouth with water after eating. It is also good to rinse after eating acidic fruits and pickled vegetables.
  3. Visit Your Dentist – Keeping up with your regular dental appointments will allow you to catch early signs of tooth decay and make the necessary adjustments so that they don’t become larger problems. Regular checkups will alert you to correct your routine, learn more about your teeth, and get early signs of tooth decay treated.
  4. Eat a Balanced Diet – If your diet is lacking minerals, your teeth will be more at risk for tooth decay. Ensure you have enough calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in your meals to keep your teeth stronger and reduce the progression of tooth decay.
  5. Brush and Floss – The standard oral hygiene routine will expose your teeth to fluoride, which can strengthen enamel and remove plaque which can encourage bacteria development. Flossing daily will ensure that no food particles are left between teeth to develop bacteria.
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If you have noticed signs of tooth decay, don’t wait to get treatment! Your dentist will be able to identify the signs and point you towards more methods to keep it from progressing. Keeping up with regular visits to the dentist will ensure you get a thorough and professional tooth cleaning.

Prevent tooth decay and cavities with regular checkups.

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